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Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in San Diego

Many of us have jobs that require long periods of time sitting at a desk, whether that desk is in an actual physical office or remotely working from home. Having a comfortable chair that appropriately supports your back is extremely important. Back pain can affect your overall productivity at work and even ruin the rest of your day. Whatever you like to do in your free time, or any other obligations you have at the end of the workday - back, hip, shoulder, and other pains from sitting in an unsupportive chair can make it nearly impossible to enjoy or accomplish. At the end of the workday, you can absolutely tell when it’s time for a new chair. But, it’s hard to know what type of chairs are best. Between executive chairs, task chairs, and ergonomic chairs, the choices can be overwhelming.

Outdated office furniture contributes to work-related injuries, such as back, hip, and neck problems. To combat these issues, more and more companies are creating and selling ergonomic office chairs. There are several types of ergonomic office chairs that offer various benefits, such as footrests, lumbar support, adjustable headrests, and breathable mesh. However, with so many options available, you might be wondering how to tell which ones are the best ergonomic office chairs?

Ergonomic Office Chairs

What are Ergonomic Office Chairs?

The science behind ergonomics products was initially invented in the 1850s and was changed forever in 1976 by Herman Miller. The concept of ergonomics is products that have been designed to improve the physiology of the user - you. If you’ve worked in offices for very long, you’ve likely had a chair at some point (if not now) that had no ergonomic features whatsoever. It was probably quite uncomfortable. Ergonomics has changed how our workspaces function in many ways.

Although ergonomic office chairs can be more expensive than simple task chairs upfront, your body will thank you for the investment, which can help you be more productive during your workday and feel better for having fun after your workday. In fact, some chairs even help retrain your posture, creating a permanent positive change in your own behavior! This investment sounds better and better, doesn’t it? Even better, ergonomic office chairs tend to be high-quality and last longer than simple, less expensive chairs.

ergonomic office chairs

What are the Differences Between Chairs?

When shopping for ergonomic office chairs, you’re likely to see office chairs and gaming chairs. Both types of chairs can function similarly and really depend on personal preference. Gaming chairs usually look different from office chairs, the latter being more minimalist. Gaming chairs often come in brighter colors and may even be multicolored. The headrests and lumbar supports are often removable. Office chairs usually build lumbar support into the frame and do not have headrests at all.

The materials used for ergonomic office chairs often vary as well. Many ergonomic office chairs are made with breathable mesh, but some use leather or polyurethane. Often, these chairs use steel or aluminum in the seat frame for better support. The best ergonomic chairs will have a few things in common: adjustability, high-density foam, and a good warranty. Adjustability allows you to create the most comfortable chair possible and quality foam in the seat provides cushioned support for those long hours of sitting. Finally, the best chairs will be accompanied by a good warranty.

Shore Total Showroom offers an excellent selection of new office furniture, including ergonomic chairs that help reduce back pain and maximize your productivity. Contact us today for more information on ergonomic products to make your workspace the best it can be!


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