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Best Modern Office Furniture For Home

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are urging their employees to work from home. Initially, this motion stopped the spread of the virus, but now it’s become a way of life.

Whether you are currently working from home or transitioning into working from home, you must know and understand that your at home office set up is crucial to productivity. If you’re tucked away in the corner of your living room with a tiny desk, uncomfortable chair, and kids’ toys constantly getting stuck under your wheels, you’re probably not completing many tasks throughout the day.

That’s why we’ve come to the rescue! First, we’d like to point out that it’s absolutely necessary to get a comfy, neat, organized office setting up and running. Next, we’re going to provide you with suggestions to reach that goal.

Without further ado, what types of modern office furniture do you need for your home?

modern office furniture for home

Standing Desk

Go from sitting to standing in just a few seconds with a standing desk! Sometimes the workday can seem super long if you’re just sitting down staring at a screen all day. That’s why this modern take on a desk has been increasing in popularity, easily able to transition itself from 25.5” high to 50.5” high.

A modern office furniture addition like this one is great for men or women ranging from 48” tall to 78” tall. The extremely stable designs come with programmable controls, custom colors, and exquisite designs. Check out these options to see which would look best in your home

standing desk

Ergonomic Office Chair

Sitting in an office chair for about 40 hours a week can put strain on different areas of the body. That’s why the ergonomic office chair is a total must have, offering spine, posture, pelvis, and adjustable lumbar support. It only helps that most options have breathable back mesh, too.

Though most ergonomic office chairs don’t include a headrest, you can always add one later. The different types of support for your body with the comfortable seating arrangement and iconic design is enough to persuade purchases.

ergonomic office chair

Clamp-On Monitor Shelf

Monitor stands are 100% necessary for the at-home office employee that needs a little extra desk space. Or, if you prefer your keyboard to be a bit higher up for posture purposes, a monitor shelf can definitely help.

What exactly is a clamp-on monitor shelf? It’s a desk accessory that automatically clamps to the back or side of your desk to house your monitor, keyboard, or additional supplies. Though easily removable, it’s still quite structurally strong, so it’ll last quite some time.

clamp on monitor shelf

Adjustable Footrest

Working from home isn’t the most comfortable scenario, so making adjustments to improve comfort is crucial. Start by purchasing an adjustable footrest so that you can stretch your legs whenever you see fit. Try to find one that offers several positions to help support any and all leg areas.

Fun fact: These lovely creations can help improve your posture without you even realizing it!

adjustable footrest for desk

Shore Office Warehouse - SHORE TOTAL

We talked about standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, clamp-on monitor shelves, and adjustable footrests. Now it’s time to talk about SHORE TOTAL.

SHORE TOTAL is the best in interior design and space planning. This team knows that the at-home office has an ever changing demand for new, modern furniture and techwear. Which is why they have the latest and greatest for home offices!

Work with the professionals on this design. SHORE TOTAL will provide you with a CAD drawing for your office space, design furniture in budget range, color palettes to choose from, general quotes to narrow in on price point, and all the expert advice you need. Call today to book a consultation and be on your way to the best home office you could ever set foot in!


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