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What Furniture Should Be In A Home Office?

Home offices should inherently mimic a true office setting, which means you should still have the basics present, like a desk and a comfy chair. But what are the options? How do you know the different variations of desk and chair setup to figure out which scenario works best for you? We have the details!


Home office desks should be more than just a place to store your computer. They should adapt to your personality, align with your height, and provide ample space and storage. But how do you know what office desk is right for you?


  • Executive desk → Envision an old-school office desk, here it is! Shaped like the letter L, housing built-in cabinets and drawers, this classic showcases the right size with ample storage.

  • Writing desk → Made for the minimalist to enjoy, this option has a small space for your desktop and a few additional items, but that’s about it. It can fit anywhere and offers two pencil drawers to keep accessories out of sight.

  • Computer desk → A modern tech savvy option that incorporates cord portals and built-in chargers physically in the desk. A definite clean furniture piece for any neat worker.

  • Roll top desk → If you’re looking for old fashioned, this option will please you. The rounded cover slides down over the space when not in use for optimum privacy.

  • Secretary desk → Dating back to the 18th century, the secretary desk has a hinged surface that doubles as a desktop with stacked drawers for optimum storage. Resembles a hutch.

  • Standing desk → A standing desk can reach as high as waist height, if not higher depending on how tall you are. You can sit down or stand up and work for the days length, it’s fully adjustable for your comfort level.

home office desk

Comfy Chairs

Having the right chair for the job is crucial. If you’re sitting down for approximately 40 hours per week, you need something with stability, support, and posture in mind. For example, you might want to lean towards options with adjustable seats, arms, and back. Swivel chairs and leg rollers are a big hit, too.


  • Task chairs → Generic chair that contains casters, a cushioned seat and back, with armrests.

  • Ergonomic chairs → Essentially a task chair but includes customizable depth, lumbar support, and tilt.

  • Drafting chairs → Perfect for workers that spend most of the day at their desk.

  • Accent chairs → Heavily geared towards the design aspect; created for aesthetic appearance.

  • Executive chairs → Comes with a high back to ensure it makes a statement in a large office setting.

  • Folding chairs → Great for small spaces because of the easy collapse system, not super comfortable.

home office chair

Miscellaneous Items

The desk and chairs are by far the most important furniture items to have in a home office. Other items are solely based on preference. Some options to consider consist of:

  • Footrests

  • Monitor shelves

  • Cubicles

  • File storage

  • Side tables

All in all, the sky's the limit. If you’d like a loveseat in your home office, that’s a solid choice for relaxation during break and meal times. Just figure out what suits your at home work lifestyle best, and go with it.

If you need help … SHORE TOTAL is here. This San Diego based office furniture supply store has it all. If you want design inspiration, stylistic direction, or assistance on any home remodeling, feel free to reach out to the professionals. Schedule an appointment, request a quote, and go from there. This team will surely follow your budget guidelines and make you the happiest customer when all is said and done.


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