Why Sit-Stand and Adjustable Height Desk are a Great idea.

Did you know that around 80% of full-time U.S. workers do a sedentary job? It means that more than half of the working population sits at their desks for most of their work day. This lifestyle can be directly linked to heath issues such as bad posture and obesity. Not to mention a general decline in productivity.

Luckily, there is a solution – sit-stand andadjustable height desks.

Sit-stand and adjustable height desks have literally revolutionized the way we work. With an adjustable desk or a sit-stand desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing by adjusting its height, as simple as that. These ergonomic desks gained popularity pretty quickly, and are now the preferred method to work for office workers throughout the U.S.

Check out the benefits of sit-stand and adjustable height desks that San Diego desk workers already use and love!

Stress-free body and reduced musculoskeletal discomfort.

Sitting for a longer period of time often means that you can go for hours without actually moving. When you remain static for so long, the pressure builds up inside your muscles, making you tense. To keep your body as stress-free as possible, you need to account for movement and postural variations.

Whenever you stand up, you activate your whole body, change your posture and stretch almost by default. Muscles throughout your body are activated, so the tension is reduced. What’s more, as you alternate between sitting and standing, your body weight gets re-positioned and redistributed, which prevents the accumulation of physical stress in your body.

Reduced lower-back pressure

Lower back pain is the most common issue desk workers experience. When sitting for hours, you put pressure on the lower spine and even compromise the blood flow. Needless to say, the spine is an essential part of the nervous system and the body; its malfunctions can even be linked to problems with the immune system. That is why it’s crucial you keep it healthy.

Sit-stand and adjustable desks enable you to do exactly that. As you stand up, the lower back pressure lessens, along with the pressure in the buttocks and legs. You get the circulation going and keep the vital muscles around your spine active.

Lowered risk of weight gain

As we’ve just mentioned, sitting for a long time leads to bad circulation and the accumulation of pressure and body mass on certain parts of the body. The muscles get lazy, and before you know it, they sag under the weight of your sedentary lifestyle.

And you know the worst thing? Even if you go to the gym regularly, you still cannot fight the inert state your muscles are in every day.

That’s why you should keep them reasonably active every day. With so many adjustable height desks San Diego office workers are already using, you can change your daily routine for the better in no time.

Energy and mood boost

A recent 7-week study has shown that around 85% of workers who used an adjustable height desk reported having more energy. What’s more, once they returned to their old desks, their energy level went down, along with their mood!

It doesn’t come as a surprise that adjustable height and sit-to-stand desks would have such a positive effect. As you switch between sitting and standing up, your circulation improves, the physical stress in the body reduces, and more blood can actually reach your brain. With a boost in circulation and the lack of stress, you feel refreshed and energized.

Increased productivity

Apart from the health benefits, sit-stand and adjustable height desks have also been linked to a boost in productivity. With less stress in the body and an increase in energy, you are able to focus on your work more. A sufficient supply of blood to the brain and the absence of back or neck pain contribute to improved concentration.

Must-Have Sit-to-Stand & Adjustable Height Desks

San Diego

Looking for a way to break free of the chains of a sedentary lifestyle? There’s no need to find a new job! Adjustable height and sit-to-stand desks give you the opportunity to redefine your work routine and make a positive change – starting today!

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