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What is the Best Office Chair for Sitting for Long Hours?

If you spend any significant amount of time - like several hours a day - sitting at a desk or in front of a screen, then you know how important a good office chair is and how uncomfortable a not-so-good one can be. Considering most of us spend time either at work, home, or both sitting in an office chair, it’s certainly worth taking a moment to consider what the best office chair is for sitting for long hours.

Why Do You Need a Good Office Chair?

When you spend a lot of time using a chair that doesn’t have appropriate support, you can end up with several painful, inconvenient, and even long-term problems. Sitting in unsupportive and uncomfortable office chairs can cause back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, and more. Unfortunately, this can also lead to less productivity at work, less enjoyment of pleasurable activities, and an overall bad mood from being in pain.

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Office Chairs v. Gaming Chairs: What is the Difference?

Both office chairs and gaming chairs come in several varieties of fabrics, designs, and offer ergonomic features. So what is the difference? The main difference really is simple - style. Gaming chairs tend to look more sporty than office chairs and depending on your situation, that may not really matter, especially if you’re looking for a chair for a home office, you’re self-employed, or your employer doesn’t have specific design standards you have to adhere to, it is probably worth checking out both types of chairs to see what works best for you.


A good office chair is not a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, a good office chair will either be adjustable or come in different sizes, maybe even both! The most common adjustable factor for office chairs is the height, which is important because one of the first rules of good posture while sitting at a desk is placing both feet flat on the floor. Your chair has to be at a comfortable height to do that though. Other possible areas that may be adjustable are arm rests, lumbar support pads, and head rests.

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Quality Materials and Longevity

Because you’re likely to spend more for a good office chair, it needs to be made with quality materials so it lasts longer. Also, because good office chairs are usually made for longevity, they often come with a good warranty as well. Many of the best office chairs are made with strong, yet breathable mesh so you don’t get hot and sweaty while working. Materials such as steel or hard-aluminum offer long-lasting support to softer fabrics like leather or mesh. Don’t forget to check out the casters - office chairs are meant to roll, make sure the casters glide across the floor easily.


The best office chairs are ergonomic. What is ergonomics? Office chairs made with ergonomics in mind promote positive posture which helps relieve back and neck pain. Some ergonomic chairs go a step further than adjustable lumbar support pads with technology that allows the seat back to adjust on its own with your body. Science, right?

Add to that chairs that allow for even seat depth to be adjusted, you know, for those with shorter legs and it is completely possible to find super comfortable chairs for sitting long hours.

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A Final Thought

With so many options to fit to your body and posture type, you’re sure to find the best office chair for sitting for long hours. Don’t forget to check into the adjustability features, the materials, ergonomics, and ease of use. That last bit gets forgotten pretty often. It isn’t helpful to have all of these wonderful features if they are so difficult to adjust that you simply won’t mess with it.


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