Benefits of Keyboard Trays: Dark Horse of Ergonomic Office Accessories

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say ergonomic office furniture? It’s probably adjustable height or sit-to-stand desks or high-back ergonomic chairs.

What about ergonomic accessories?

Keyboard trays may not be the obvious first choice, but it’s becoming a must-have add-on in ergonomic office environments. Desks workers have realized that some of the issues they have are linked to the typing surface and not their chair or desk. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome is a common issue that occurs when typing in an uncomfortable position. Also, did you know that an uncomfortable arm position when typing can lead to shoulder and neck pain?

Interested to find out more? Here are the benefits of keyboard trays San Diego offices are already exploring!

Support for the wrist

Ergonomic keyboard trays have the tilt feature that you can manipulate to achieve the most comfortable position for your wrist while typing. This feature can even bring relief to the pain you are already feeling in your wrists. It’s best to keep the wrist straight while typing to avoid carpal tunnel and other pressure-point injuries in your hands. You can achieve this by negatively tilting the tray; the keyboard will slope towards you and support the natural wrist position.

The padded section of the tray is meant as support for the wrist during typing breaks.

Height and angle adjustability

Experts say that the ideal typing height means your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. An adjustable height keyboard tray is the perfect solution is your office desk is not the right height for your body profile. If you are working on a fixed-height desk, your hands may be too high or too low, which can cause discomfort and pain in your hands and wrists. An ergonomic keyboard tray will enable you to type at the most comfortable position.

With an ergonomic keyboard tray, you can lower, slide, angle, and pivot your typing surface. In that way, your typing surface can ‘’move’’ with you; there will be no need to over-reach to your desktop to type if you are leaned farther back in your chair. As a result, there will be very little pressure on the joints and no discomfort.

Protection from wrist pain and injury

Typing at an uncomfortable angle for a long period of time is bound to cause discomfort, pain and even injury to your wrists and hands. Keyboard trays are designed with the aim to stave these issues off. If you still think they are frivolous, just think about how often you have to take a break to stretch your wrist. With a fixed-height typing surface that doesn’t suit you, it must be pretty often.

Perfect positioning when standing

If you prefer standing up and working, at least for a portion of your working day, there’s no reason to abandon the ‘’perfect positioning’’. If you have created the ‘’neutral reach zone’’ for your keyboard and mouse when sitting, the keyboard tray will enable you to achieve it while standing. While you may have to raise your desk to see the monitors well, you can lower the keyboard tray and continue typing comfortably. Lowered risk of weight gain. As we’ve just mentioned, sitting for a long time leads to bad circulation and the accumulation of pressure and body mass on certain parts of the body.

The muscles get lazy, and before you know it, they sag under the weight of your sedentary lifestyle.

And you know the worst thing? Even if you go to the gym regularly, you still cannot fight the inert state your muscles are in every day.

That’s why you should keep them reasonably active every day. With so many adjustable height desks San Diego office workers are already using, you can change your daily routine for the better in no time.

Space saving

Modern office furniture and accessories are designed as space saving tools, and keyboard trays are no exception. Opt for a keyboard tray that can easily slide underneath your desk when you’re not using it. You’ll get more desk space and your desk will get a cleaner, tidier look.

Ergonomic Keyboard Trays San Diego

Shore Office Warehouse boasts a selection of keyboard trays San Diego desks workers find indispensable. Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other pain-related issues in your wrists and hands, stave off shoulder and neck pain, get more desk space – all that is possible by making a seemingly minor change – purchasing a keyboard tray. Browse through our inventory of keyboard trays and start feeling more comfortable every day!