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Best Office Desks for Home

With so many of us transitioning from working full-time in the office, to working from home, and everything in between, finding the right desk for your home office has become increasingly important over the last couple of years or so. Whether you prefer a standing desk, sitting desk, or a hybrid, there are so many options available it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for you.

Here are a few things to consider for your home office desk before diving into our list below.

  • Standing desks can help decrease back and shoulder pain

  • Some standing desks use an electric adjustable lift system

  • Be sure to measure how much space is available for the desk

  • If you use more than one monitor or a laptop-monitor combination, measure how much space you need for them

  • Consider how much work space you need that won’t be used by a monitor/computer

  • If you need drawers, how many do you need and do they need to be lockable

  • Think about space for a keyboard, mouse, printer, or any other tools that need to have usable space

office desks for home

Offices To Go - Superior Series

This desk in the Superior Series by Offices To Go is 48 inches wide and 30 inches deep. It comes in 6 color finishes and has a hanging pedestal on one side with 2 drawers and a locking mechanism. This is a smaller desk, but will fit easily into most home office setups, plus the locking drawers are definitely a plus.

best office desks for home

Offices To Go - Height Adjustable Series

So many people are interested in standing work desks that adjustable height desks are a great way to test out if standing while working is a good option. This desk from Offices To Go is a good size at 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep and a height adjustment range of 27.8 inches to 45.5 inches. This desk has a single motor, digital display and 3 programmable positions for usability. Available in 5 colors, this is a great option for an adjustable desk.

office desks for home

Cherryman - Amber Series Double Full Pedestal Desk

The Cherryman Amber Series with double full pedestals has one with two drawers and one with three drawers. The desk comes in six finish options including a popular gray finish, black, and three shades of brown. It is a large desk at 71 inches wide and 30 inches deep. This desk offers plenty of storage space inside and significant desktop space for monitors, keyboard, and mouse, plus workspace.

office desks for home

Cherryman - Amber Series L-Desk Bowfront Desk

The L-Desk Bowfront is a unique design on this list. It is large at 71 inches wide and 42 inches deep. It has two pedestals, one with two drawers and one with three drawers and is available in six finish options. What is particularly notable with this desk is that only the return could sit against a wall because of the bowfront. The bowfront is a nice feature, however, if your home office can accommodate it. Additionally, the return itself adds another 48 inches wide by 24 inches deep to your overall deskspace.

best office desks for home

Safco - Aberdeen Series Height Adjustable Executive L-Shaped Desk

This giant desk has it all - it is adjustable, has tons of workspace, and a modesty panel. The desk measure 72 inches wide and 42 inches deep with a return that is 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The return and desk work surfaces both adjust from 29.5 inches high to 29 inches high. It comes with a control switch for easy adjustability, including a 4-position memory function. This desk only comes in two colors, but both are beautiful and professional. Although this desk won’t fit in just any space, it’s size and functionality are definitely worth looking into.

office desks for home

These are just a few of the excellent office desks you can purchase for your home office. Gone are the days of being stuck with whatever your employer gives you, so find that perfect desk for you today!


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