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Conference tables are where people sit down to discuss or present something, and to negotiate. You will want your office to have a conference table which fits the space and the purpose, but you may also want to save some money in the process. Shore Office Warehouse offers you a varied selection of premium quality conference tables at the most affordable rates!

$279 SKU: URT303Available: 1
$329 $299 SKU: URT307Available: 1
$249 SKU: URT310Available: 1
$129 SKU: UST311Available: 13
$99 SKU: URT308Available: 11
$129 SKU: URT304Available: 1
$249 $199 SKU: URT300Available: 2
$249 SKU: UCT304Available: 2
$199 SKU: UCT306Available: 1

Pre-owned conference tables are a savvy choice for a host of reasons. Budget savings are the first advantage that comes to mind. When you consider that Shore Office Warehouse carries pre-used conference tables in like-new condition, you realize that you get a product that looks almost pristine and costs just a fraction of a new table.

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