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Vertical files cabinets are a popular and practical type of equipment for asset and document storage and protection. They are the first step toward higher productivity and an essential piece of office furniture for any business that deals with a large number of files, especially for medical and legal offices.

$99 SKU: UVF329Available: 4
$99 SKU: UVF334Available: 4
$99 SKU: UVF333Available: 3
$99 SKU: UVF330Available: 5
$149 SKU: UVF320Available: 2
$99 SKU: UVF332Available: 2
$129 SKU: UVF321Available: 3
$99 SKU: UVF324Available: 11
$99 SKU: UVF323Available: 88
$1,099 SKU: UFF061Available: 11
$999 SKU: UFF065Available: 19
$129 SKU: UVF080Available: 7
$99 SKU: UVF307Available: 1
$99 SKU: UVF308Available: 2
$99 SKU: UVF301Available: 2

Check out the best selection of pre-used vertical files cabinets in San Diego! Find the perfect addition to your office that will save you space, time and money. Accessible, sustainable, and easy to maintain, our pre-used filing cabinets can keep your documents secure and safe from fire. They will fulfill your daily and long-term information needs and make filing less time-consuming. Go for excellent performance and features that will help your employees or coworkers stay organized and on task.

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