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Conference tables may not be the most used pieces of office furniture, but they are still necessary for the smooth operating of your business and for your self-presentation as a company. Conference rooms are places where projects are discussed and managed, and deals clenched, among many other things. Shore Office Warehouse caries a varied and hand-picked collection of conference tables for San Diego businesses from any line of work.

$179 SKU: A5722
$299 SKU: A5723
$199 SKU: CLA20
$1,229 SKU: C5N-3060-3696
$449 SKU: EST20
$549 SKU: EST21
$799 SKU: STC58-16
$499 SKU: MOD20
$649 SKU: MOD21
$179 SKU: RSITYP13
$239 SKU: RSITYP14

Shore Office Warehouse does its best to cater to a wide range of businesses and industries. That’s why our collection of office furniture is among the largest, if not the largest, in Southern California. When it comes to conference tables, we offer you an assortment of products, based on the number of seating places, style and finish options you need.

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