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Lateral file cabinets San Diego businesses love are right here at Shore Office Warehouse. It’s not just that they help you get the files out of the way, but they also enable you to stay on top of the game, always knowing where your important documents are. You don’t need a magic wand or file fairy to keep your business paperwork under your control. You just need high-quality lateral file cabinets from San Diego’s reputable office furniture dealers. And you’ve come to the right place.

$339 SKU: A5827
$519 SKU: L5F2D-4D-1929-2454
$4,749 SKU: OF543822
$3,269 SKU: 523822C
$2,139 SKU: 58336A305
$1,769 SKU: OF57869C
$249 SKU: MODML-112

Are you a medical institution, a lawyer’s office, a web hosting company or a family restaurant? Whatever industry you work in, we are sure we have the lateral file cabinets for your San Diego office space. Make your space tidy and organized, while adding style to your design.

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