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Comfortable and ergonomic office accessories in the workspace are essential for maintaining good health and productivity. A keyboard platform is one of the crucial desk accessories to keep you working comfortably. What’s more, a keyboard tray is a cost-efficient space-saving tool! It works wonders for maximizing space in small offices!

$249 SKU: MFP521 MEFP521
$329 SKU: MFSS522 MEFSS522
$129 SKU: 5245OCKM
$149 SKU: OFVSV517S

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Universal Keyboard Tray


A keyboard support is the heart of every workstation. You spend hours working at your desk every day, so proper ergonomics is something you should pay attention to. A well-designed keyboard tray allows you to maintain a healthy posture. Select one of our keyboard systems and every time you reach for your keyboard and mouse, your wrists and fingertips will be in the best typing position.

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